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 Pandit Motiram Narayan Sangeet Gurukul

Pandit Motiram Narayan Sangeet Gurukul is one of the prominent institutions offering music classes in South India, Kerala. Being the reputed music academy in Kerala, PMN Gurukul offers music classes based on Gurukul system, where the students get an opportunity to learn in a one on one basis in vocal music & instrumental music.

The major advantage of taking Indian classical music lessons online is that the students from any geographical locations can take part in the classes, moreover they can learn at their own pace. Here the classes are conducted on a one on one basis. It is an ideal way to learn Indian classical music online by choosing the time that is suited for them. Anyone who is ardent about music can have the joy of learning music without worrying about the time and pace. The students, who want to get Indian classical music lessons, may need to have these four points with them like,

Hours (Optional)
SAT/SUN 2-3 HourMON-FRI Morning 1 Hour

Kannodu Kannoram Makka Madinathil Teri Duniya Ee Mazhathan Mele Priyamullavane